The Way I See It

Embracing all that God has made me to be has been a lifelong journey. I have strengths but tend to focus on my weaknesses. At times I doubt and second guess things despite my experience and calling. Call it insecurity, fear, or being human.

The 2020 COVID pandemic gave me plenty of time, since everything was shut down, to go on a personal journey of discovering my life’s purpose beyond being ‘called to ministry’, which is a very broad thing to say. I read Younique by Will Mancini and found it to be a perfectly timed reading, I found a way to articulate my LifeCall. And here it is: God has called me to help others discover their practical next steps. In shorter form I’m created to guide commonsensicality. I didn’t make that word up, you can google it!Discovering what I’m created to do brings such clarity and affirmation in a lot of areas of my life. And then I had an idea. What if I started a blog to help guide commonsensicality…

The way I see it, the church (Christians) could use more biblical common sense. We have become a tribe of extremes. My world revolves around Christian ministries and evangelical churches concerned about who’s right and who’s wrong. Are you for Apollos or Paul? We focus so much on issues that don’t really matter we’ve forgotten what really matters- the great commission and great commandment!

There has to be a balance. We don’t need more extreme positions on contemporary issues, we need to find common ground and and then decide our practical next steps. That is the purpose behind this blog. That’s exactly what Jesus did. He shut down the religious leaders of his day usually by asking a question or making a comment that got to the heart of the issue. Often that left everyone angry, silent or contemplative (Let him without sin cast the first stone).

This blog will tackle church topics, secular topics, sport topics, and more with the purpose of bringing a voice of reason and sanity by guiding commonsensicality and suggesting practical next steps. I look forward to reading and interacting with your comments.

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