Three Ways to Avoid an Underwhelming Easter

Easter is one of the biggest church gatherings attended by visitors all year. And you’ve probably spent extra hours preparing for this to be the best Easter weekend your church will ever have this side of the rapture. But let’s be honest, if there’s anything less than standing room only this Sunday, you’re also setting yourself up for a big let down Monday morning. 

The way I see it…

Every Sunday is Easter Sunday. So here are three ways to avoid the roller coaster of emotions that could leave you feeling defeated on Monday if things don’t go according to your well intended plans.

  1. Recognize that every Sunday should be planned as the best service this side of the rapture. No doubt, celebrating the risen Savior is a glorious thing to do! But shouldn’t we be doing that 52 Sundays every year? 
  1. Redefine how you measure success. Don’t fall into the numbers trap and compare how many you have in attendance to the church down the street. It’s a game that no one wins, and only reflects a desire to be greater than someone else (I think that’s called pride?). Measure success by what really matters- life transformation. Having big numbers on one Sunday does not equal success. Making disciples is a better measure of success.
  1. Remember who your audience is. It’s really not the people sitting in the pews. When you answered the call to ministry it was from a Father who loves you and cares deeply about you. It’s His favor you should seek. The egg hunts, photo booths and empty tomb cookies will all fade in light of eternity. Only the kingdom of God lasts forever.

It’s tempting to place all our eggs in one basket and hope Easter brings the masses because of our promotion and planning. I encourage you to dream big, execute well, and manage your expectations.

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