Finding Your Niche

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MoviePass offers members the opportunity to see one movie per day at the theater of their choice for just $9.95 a month. They boasted more than 3 million members in 2019, but Covid-19 shut down theaters in 2020 and have scared away some patrons from ever returning. But MoviePass is trying to make a comeback. They believe they have found a niche in the entertainment business: customers who want to experience movies on the big screen again.

If people who attended your church pre-Covid aren’t back yet, they’re not coming back. Covid can no longer be an excuse for lower attendance. A recent survey of SBC churches in Nevada found that just 3% of plateaued or declining churches share their faith in the community*. So ask yourself this question, “If our church ceased to exist tomorrow, would our community notice?” If the honest answer to that is ‘no’, it’s time to become laser focused on changing that.

The way I see it…every church needs to find their niche.

Your church can build relationships in your community by finding a niche and meeting practical needs of that group. By showing people you care, they’ll know who they can call on in times of need. Here are 10 niches in your community you can start building relationships with today.

  1. Provide lunch for teachers in your local school during inservice
  2. Perform routine car maintenance for single moms
  3. Support first responders by dropping off goodies or notes of encouragement
  4. Deliver care packages to hard working nurses at the hospital
  5. Become regulars at the local restaurant, get to know the owner and employees, and tip generously
  6. Volunteer to coach a kids team and get other church members to be team moms (and dads)
  7. Offer your church as a meeting place for local groups (HOA meetings) and provide snacks
  8. Participate as a group in community events
  9. Organize a guys day for dads and their teens in the community
  10. Give emergency food boxes to those in need

Don’t do these things once, do them regularly. And begin earning the respect and trust of the community around you. Make your church the talk of the town, for a good reason! Finding your niche can be a first step in reclaiming being a gospel light in your local context. This is just a start, what would you add to the list?

In next week’s blog, I’ll address how to get your Sunday morning service ready for visitors from the community. Stay tuned.

*MBST Doctoral candidate David Carothers, Nevada

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