Pet Peeves

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The older I get the more pronounced my pet peeves are. Airport terminal gates that have half as many seats as the number of seats on the airplane is a big one. You’re supposed to arrive early, but there’s nowhere to sit. Carry-on bags that slow passengers down…waiting for a checked bag…slow traffic…loud public phone conversations…higher gas prices…the list goes on and on. Pet Peeves can suck the joy right out of a person in an instant. My pet peeves can sidetrack me from the joy of ministry in a snap. 

The Way I See It…

Pet peeves are selfish inconveniences that can distract you from seeing the world through the eyes of God. Here are five joys of ministry you can overlook when you’re peeved.

5 Joys of Ministry

  1. Life changes in people – What a  thrill to have a front row seat to watch someone’s journey from seeking truth and peace to coming to know Christ, and then see them grow as Christ changes them.
  1. Ministering in crisis – It is also a privilege to represent Christ and a loving church family during difficult times. You are the spiritual medic that is called in when the unexpected happens. What an honor to comfort those families who are hurting with just your presence. 
  1. Unexpected blessings – Don’t let the miniscule inconveniences overshadow the God moments. An unexpected financial blessing at just the right time. A church member being cured of disease. A thoughtful and kind word from an adversary. The flexibility of a work schedule that allows you to attend kids’ activities.
  1. Generous examples for family – Ministry can be tough on the family. But it’s also an opportunity to model for our children what it means to minister to people at their point of need. Living out the fruit of the spirit in front of our kids teaches what values are most important. And what joy that can bring when we see it lived out in their lives as well.
  1. Serving the Lord – Yes, it needs to be said. Jesus doesn’t need us to do His work, He chooses to use us. Everyone of us would admit we are weak, imperfect vessels and yet we get the privilege of being a small part of His kingdom work here on earth. What a joy!

Next time you feel a pet peeve coming on, take a deep breath. Reflect on the bigger picture and recall the joys in ministry. 

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